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8 Ways to Bond with your Teenager

1. Turn off screens. We are on our phones, tablets and computers so much of our day. Carve out some time every day where everyone puts their phone away.

2. Ask questions about their day, their interests, their feelings and then LISTEN without judgment to their response. Validate them, show that you care about what they say and that it is valid and important to you.

3. Do an activity that they enjoy. Play board game, take pictures on snapchat, watch a movie, play video games with them. This can be some of the best bonding time with a teen.

4. Eat dinner together as a family without distractions. Create a daily tradition of eating together without phones or the TV. Enjoy each other's company. Tell stories, jokes, ask open ended questions.

5. Create traditions. It can be as simple as making Friday night game night or doing dinner and a movie on Mondays. Ask them what they would like to do, collaborate with your teen.

6. Go on dates with your teen. Take them out, make it special, create memories.

7. Go on regular walks together. Some of the best conversations come from long walks.

8. Volunteer together. Do something kind for others


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