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This week we all think about the things and people that we are grateful for,

but did you know that expressing gratitude is good for you year round? Here are

five simple ways to express gratitude every single day.

1. Every day, write in a journal, if you don't own a journal (I don't) write in a phone app, about all the small and BIG things and everything in between that you are grateful for.

2. When you interact with people, whether it's a loved one or the waiter at your

favorite restaurant, tell them how grateful you are for them. It can be as simple as

a smile and a genuine thank you.

3. When you wake up and before you go to bed, think about at least three things

that you are grateful for. You are what you think after all.

4. Give back to your community. Volunteer. Find something that you are

passionate about and give back! Even better, get together a team of your favorite people and give back together!

5. Last, but definitely not least, STOP being negative, mean, or unhelpful. Catch your negative thoughts and change them. Example: Yuck,I don't like this food can become I am grateful that I have food to eat (although this is not my favorite)

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